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Joyful Learning. Empowered Classrooms. Early Literacy. Infinite Possibilities.

We prepare your children for life…

This is a bold claim.  However, we are not a daycare center where you drop off your child for a couple of hours a day.  We have a system in place to ensure your child gets firmly established in their journey to lifelong learning.  MMIA serves children ages 3 months – 12 years, set up in multi-aged classrooms.  See Our Classes for more info.

Maria Montessori International Academy (MMIA) knows that a certified Montessori education guarantees your child will exceed their potential in a warm, peaceful environment.  We encourage children on a joyful journey: independence provides an empowered classroom where early literacy takes place naturally.  Once literacy is accomplished, children have infinite possibilities to explore and grow to their fullest potential.  At MMIA, your child will learn music, math, art, social sciences, cultural awareness, as well as Spanish, French and Chinese language learning via immersion.

We pride ourselves on having a team of experts that provide one-on-one interactions with your child.  Our Infant rooms have teacher to children ratios of 1:3!  With many of our AMS and AMI certified teachers having been at MMIA for over 10 years; our team provides the consistency children crave.

Joyful Learning. Empowered Classrooms. Early Literacy. Infinite Possibilities.

What does this mean to us?

An MMIA classroom is designed for the child to discover her or his unique personality, needs, preferences and talents. Our primary goal is to create an environment where children are happy and enthusiastic.  As children express their needs, it is the role of adults (teachers, parents and all other educators) to pay close attention and prepare the classroom to meet their needs so that learning is a joyful journey.

Maria Montessori International Academy provides our children the structure they need to succeed, but the freedom to choose and explore in their own way.  From an early age, we work on independence so children can make their own choices.  Once children are empowered in their surroundings, they can grasp many of the concepts we teach through the Montessori method, one of the central being early literacy.

Early literacy can happen naturally when children are empowered to take charge of their learning.  Being always curious about their surroundings, they pick up quickly on letters, phonemes, and other building blocks to literacy.  MMIA guides this process so that by the time they enter Kindergarten, 100% of our children know how to read.  Even children with reading disabilities excel in this environment.  More on early literacy in this blog post.

Once your child is empowered and can be independent in reading, the education potential is limitless.  Confident and in control, they will determine how they will explore the world around them.  More importantly, what we find is they have a desire to teach and encourage the younger students around them, creating a circle that uplifts and improves everyone in the classroom.  For more on our Montessori approach and multi-age classrooms, click on the Our Classes button below.

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“The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say,

‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’”

— Maria Montessori

We Are Now Accepting Applicants for SY 2020-21

Your child’s lifelong learning journey begins at Maria Montessori International Academy! If you are looking for an international school that would give your child the best preparation. We have limited availability in our Indianapolis or West Carmel/Zionsville locations, so feel free to schedule a tour below.

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What Families Say About Maria Montessori International Academy

Families are an integral part of a child’s journey to lifelong learning. MMIA keep families updated through regular communications, including insights on their child’s daily activities and one-on-one conversations. It’s also important for us to receive feedback from our MMIA families.

Here are a few comments from parents of our West Carmel/Zionsville and Indianapolis schools:

Montessori school, like any traditional or international school, encourages healthy snacking. MMIA goes one step further to visiting a local Whole Foods for first hand knowledge on making healthy choices.

“One-on-one attention.”

“I liked the idea of independent learning. It allows children to discover their own learning styles and learning abilities instead of having so much focus on group work. My son is able to focus more on what he’s interested in. A few months ago, he started picking up writing, reading and sight words. The one-on-one attention was one of the main reasons we decided to choose Maria Montessori International Academy after we looked at several schools.”

Cathy Briney
MMIA Parent of a 4-year-old

Lunch time at an international school allows students to observe cultural meal differences. Maria Montessori International Academy offers a unique setting featuring the benefits of both Montessori school and an international school.

“The kids love it.”

“I didn’t know much about the Montessori method when we first visited. It was very different. The students are able to wear their slippers, hang out on the floor and do yoga. My daughter’s classroom is like a little family. They love it. It was a stretch for me but I see the magic it has had on my child. In a traditional setting, if a student gets tripped upon something, they would get left behind. Here, they’re able to sit back, reflect and work at their pace. My daughter loves the work.”

Teresa Gallaway
MMIA Parent of an elementary student

Maria Montessori International Academy, like any traditional Montessori school, provides your child freedom of movement both inside and outside the classroom.

“It’s like home …”

“It’s very rare you’re able to send your child somewhere and feel comfortable all the way around. The education at Maria Montessori International Academy is excellent. I still have a recording of my daughter reading for the first time on her own. And that was before her fourth birthday. But it goes beyond education. We had a good genuine feel about the atmosphere. It’s like home. It also allowed my daughter open up to her creativity.”

Andrell Moore
MMIA Parent of a 1st grader

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