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Welcome to
Maria Montessori International Academy 

Encouraging Imagination, Exploration, and Innovation at Every Age!

At Maria Montessori International Academy (MMIA), your child is welcomed into a warm, peaceful setting that invites imagination, exploration, and innovation through a certified Montessori education. You will quickly see that our Montessori school is not your typical school. We offer a promise of discovery, fun, and growth every day in an international school setting. Indianapolis Montessori schools, along with our Carmel/Zionsville location, allow students hands-on learning. 

This creates a tangible and memorable learning experience. In addition to “typical” curriculum, we pride ourselves on incorporating fun multi-cultural activities based on the the world in which we live. We’re dedicated to preparing your child for life. MMIA schools feature Montessori materials and environments that invite children to explore real-life learning experiences, music, math, social sciences, Spanish immersion, cultural awareness, and art. 

Preparing your children for life.

The MMIA Environment

MMIA adheres to these authentic Montessori principles:
– Sensorial development
– Mixed-age groups
– Children work at their own pace
– Children are free to choose their own work
– Environment that invites exploration, discipline
– Home-like setting

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MMIA Teachers

Our MMIA teachers have the following qualities:
– Demonstrated passion for teaching
– Certified by American Montessori Society or the
Association Montessori Internationale
– Received a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree
– Adhere to Montessori philosophy of respect to the child as an individual

About us

MMIA Education

MMIA’s curriculum includes:
– Spanish immersion, Chinese
– Music and art
– Geography and cultural studies
– Math, science, and language (phonetics)
– Practical life skills
– Emphasis on cognitive and social development
– Overall academic excellence

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MMIA Community

At MMIA, we recognize the importance of family and community in nurturing the child. We provide:
Regular updates on the child  |  Tips on creating a Montessori home environment  |  Flexible programs (part-time, full-time, extended care, summer camp)
to accommodate working parents and stay-at-home parents  |  Supplementary programs and instruction

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What Families Say About Our Montessori School

At Maria Montessori International Academy, we want families to be an integral part of their child’s journey to lifelong learning. We keep families updated through regular communications, including insights on their child’s daily activities and one-on-one conversations. It’s also important for us to receive feedback from our MMIA families. From what they tell us, MMIA has been an environment that allows their children to thrive.
Here are a few comments from parents of our Carmel and Indianapolis Montessori schools.

Maria Montessori International Academy, like any traditional Montessori school, provides your child freedom of movement both inside and outside the classroom.

“It’s like home …”

“It’s very rare you’re able to send your child somewhere and feel comfortable all the way around. The education at Maria Montessori International Academy is excellent. I still have a recording of my daughter reading for the first time on her own. And that was before her fourth birthday. But it goes beyond education. We had a good genuine feel about the atmosphere. It’s like home. It also allowed my daughter open up to her creativity.”

Andrell Moore
MMIA Parent of a 1st grader

Lunch time at an international school allows students to observe cultural meal differences. Maria Montessori International Academy offers a unique setting featuring the benefits of both Montessori school and an international school.

“The kids love it.”

“I didn’t know much about the Montessori method when we first visited. It was very different. The students are able to wear their slippers, hang out on the floor and do yoga. My daughter’s classroom is like a little family. They love it. It was a stretch for me but I see the magic it has had on my child. In a traditional setting, if a student gets tripped upon something, they would get left behind. Here, they’re able to sit back, reflect and work at their pace. My daughter loves the work.”

Teresa Gallaway
MMIA Parent of an elementary student

Montessori school, like any traditional or international school, encourages healthy snacking. MMIA goes one step further to visiting a local Whole Foods for first hand knowledge on making healthy choices.

“One-on-one attention.”

“I liked the idea of independent learning. It allows children to discover their own learning styles and learning abilities instead of having so much focus on group work. My son is able to focus more on what he’s interested in. A few months ago, he started picking up writing, reading and sight words. The one-on-one attention was one of the main reasons we decided to choose Maria Montessori International Academy after we looked at several schools.”

Cathy Briney
MMIA Parent of a 4-year-old

Life-changing experiences pursued daily.

Years teaching
Montessori Experiences
Countries Explored

Maria Montessori International Academy
Upcoming Classes

Indianapolis Montessori Schools teacher helps student read during the day at Maria Montessori International Academy.

2018-19 Montessori School Enrollment

The journey towards lifelong learning begins at Maria Montessori International Academy! We’re now accepting applications for the 2018-19 Montessori school year. Most Indianapolis Montessori schools have limited placement or wait lists. We too have a limited number of openings for our infant, toddler and elementary school programs. However due to recent expansion, we can guarantee enrollment in either our Indianapolis or Carmel/Zionsville locations. If you are looking for an international school with a Montessori experience, look no further! Come join the MMIA family. 

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Learn more

Mommy & Me Music Rhapsody

Join us for our exciting new Music Rhapsody program, which was developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner. This music program, which is exclusively offered by MMIA in the Indianapolis area, fosters a love of music and creativity in children with the use of instruments, beautiful songs, and singable phrases. Classes are designed for infants and toddlers and occur in an international school setting.

Science has proven the benefits of early childhood exposure to music. Our Mommy & Me Music Rhapsody program as well as our Montessori school encourage love of music.

See the Difference: Indianapolis Montessori Schools Vs Traditional Vs  International School

Not all schools are the same. An international school differs from a traditional school. Montessori schools are uniquely different from both of those styles. Combining an international school with the Montessori standards creates a uniquely blended environment. When you visit multiple Indianapolis Montessori schools, the differences are obvious. Curriculums vary as well as the style of implementation. Some schools may not fully adhere to the Montessori principles. They incorporate the aspects that meet the needs of their students using the Montessori Method  in conjunction with alternate teaching philosophies. Other schools strictly follow standards set specifically by various Montessori certifications.

The diversity in the cultural make-up of students and teachers is also something to consider. Do you consider your child’s exposure to cultural differences an important factor of their early childhood education? If so, an international school can meet this need. However, will it meet your child’s learning style? You will find some Indianapolis Montessori schools offer a much more diverse atmosphere and more strongly encourage early education of different cultures. Maria Montessori International Academy proudly combines the benefits of an international school setting with the self-paced Montessori learning style. 

Finding the right fit for your little one is cricial to your child’s early educational success. First identify and then schedule tours for any Indianapolis Montessori schools that interest you. Make sure the staff, location, environment, curriculum, teaching methods all suit the needs of your child.

To see if MMIA is the best school for your family, click here to schedule a tour of our Indianapolis Montessori school or our Carmel/Zionsville location now! 

Check MMIA news for updates for classes, fun and exciting events that Maria Montessori International Academy will be planning all year long.

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Creativity, imagination, and learning
are everyday activities.

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“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the
child’s own natural desire to learn.”

— Dr. Maria Montessori