The Montessori
Educational Charity

The Montessori Educational Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2007 to advance the growth of the Montessori  movement within Indiana. It is the authorizer and operator of all MMIA schools pursuant to Indiana Code (IC) and Indiana Administrative Codes 470 IAC and 410 IAC. It also seeks funding to support educational services and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) initiatives for MMIA students  as well as those from other smaller Montessori Schools in the Midwest. Many smaller Montessori schools are not privy to STEAM programs, and the Montessori Educational Charity helps bridge this gap.



The objective of the The MSTEM summer camp is to guide participants through a fun and rewarding hands-on experience of authentic engineering design practices through music, art, science, math, and writing. Another key component is to offer additional academic support in reading and math. Tutoring is offered to students who need additional help during the summer so that our families can have quality time after camp rather than being with a tutor after 5:00 p.m.


The Montessori Educational Charity offers the following additional services:

  1. Financial support to teachers for Montessori training at an approved American Montessori Society teacher training center.
  2. Financial support for STEAM activities.
  3. Training and 3 year internship opportunities for non-Montessori teachers who wish to become Montessori teachers.
  4. Financial support to families who cannot afford high quality childcare.


The Montessori Educational Charity is also pursuing new initiatives within the areas of early childhood and elementary (K-8) education. Additional details will be announced later in 2018.


The Montessori Educational Charity is exploring several initiatives to improve early childhood land after-school earning opportunities for Boone and Marion county families.


The Montessori Educational Charity is exploring the possibility of launching a public Montessori charter school in Indianapolis by Fall 2020.