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As a parent or caregiver, you have a unique and essential role in your child’s development. We encourage you to support your child’s natural inclination to explore and discover — important aspects of their education. At Maria Montessori International Academy, we understand that important connection. 

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Bringing Montessori Home

Many of our families express an interest in incorporating elements of the Montessori methods into their homes. We strongly encourage our families to reinforce a Montessori atmosphere at home!  It provides more consistency in creating opportunities for self-expression, independence, and orderliness. Here are 10 suggestions to consider for toddlers. 

1. Use hooks that allow your child to organize his or her belongings.
2. Assist your child in returning items to their place after using them.
3. Provide child-sized utensils and dishes in the kitchen.

4. Use step stools to allow your child to reach the sink.
5. Set up a reading corner with pillows, blankets and a basket of books.
6. Place a world map on the wall of the child’s bedroom.

7. Add potted plants to the home, indoors and outdoors.
8. Allow your child to help with cleaning and other chores.
9. Organize your home so everything has a place.
10. Bring music into the home.

Want to learn more about MMIA and the Montessori philosophy?
Download a copy of our MMIA Family Handbook.

Family Handbook

Helping your family adjust

At Maria Montessori International Academy, we realize the importance of helping your child adjust to a new environment. We’re committed to helping your child feel at home. Our Montessori environment is designed to help ease the transition from your home to our MMIA home. We encourage children to navigate their new surroundings in a natural, colorful setting that features child-sized bookcases, sinks, furniture and plenty of natural lighting. Don’t forget your slippers! We want you to feel at home.

We realize that adapting to a new environment is an adjustment period for families as well. That’s why we encourage you to visit our schools to see other children engage in their activities as part of their daily routines. We also offer special trial periods in which your child can experience the Montessori environment before you commit to full enrollment. 

Contact us for more details. We’re looking forward to you visiting us!

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For many families, a Montessori environment is unlike traditional preschool or childcare they have observed. We invite you into our home at Maria Montessori International Academy to see the difference. Contact us for a tour today!

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