Ever wondered what Montessori education was all about? Come play the Montessori way with MMIA’s “Mommy & Me” Playgroups! It’s lot’s of fun and free!


With Mommy & Me Playgroups, we want you to come play with your kids.  Seriously!  Our art, music, and yoga classes are meant to get parents and kids interacting with each other in a nurturing, natural environment.  At MMIA, we believe education should improve the whole child. Here are the top reasons to come to Mommy & Me Playgroups:

  • Meet Other Parents – because sometimes you need time to play with others your age too!
  • Unique Bonding Experience – MMIA provides some of the most unique activities like Music Rhapsody
  • Have Fun With Your Child – these activities are fun for both your child and you
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Mommy & Me Classes are fun!  Whether doing an art project, practicing Yoga, or even Lynne Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody program, MMIA will make sure you and you kids are fully engaged and having a great time.

Mommy & Me is perfect for kids ages 3 months to 6 years old.

Absolutely Not!  Though we refer to it as “Mommy & Me” anyone is welcome to come and enjoy.  We love the dynamic a father, grandparent, uncle or aunt can bring to a class and encourage all to participate thoroughly!

45 minutes in general.  However, some sessions might be shorter or longer depending upon the activity.

If you mean in athletic clothes, you betcha!  We encourage all to come in comfortable clothes as the program promotes movement of both child and parent.

Currently, our Mommy & Me program is located at our West Carmel/Zionsville location, which is located at 4370 Weston Pointe Dr. #100, Zionsville, IN 46077

Mommy & Me Playtime
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So What Are Mommy & Me Playgroups Really All About?

At Maria Montessori International Academy, we know no bond is more special than that of a parent and child.  Which is why we nurture that bond with our “Mommy & Me Playgroups.” Designed around the foundations of the Montessori Education method, Mommy & Me Playgroups allows parents to have fun with their kids while children get to explore their surrounds and acclimate themselves to Montessori.

Facilitated by AMS and AMI Certified Montessori teachers, our Mommy & Me Playgroups are an introduction to Montessori.  First, it allows kids to understand that have ownership of their educational pursuits – an opportunity many in a traditional education setting do not get to experience.  Secondly, it teaches them that learning can be fun and and active; definitely not just about a test.  Lastly, it begins to teach them structured play, an important aspect of the Montessori method.  For more details on the Montessori method of education, check out our Maria Montessori page now.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your child, come to our free Mommy & Me Playgroups by signing up here, or feel free to call us at (317) 769-2220