Maria Montessori International Academy

Maria Montessori International Academy provides ALL students with the opportunity to explore real-world concepts and issues, challenge assumptions, think critically, and to acquire the life skills they need to flourish throughout life’s journey.  Serving ages 3 months to 12 years in multi-age classes, we have three locations in Carmel, Zionsville, and Indianapolis

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We are excited to share the Montessori ethos of educating the whole body with our Mommy & Me Playgroups.  It’s open to the public and free for all.  Enjoy playing the Montessori way while completing an art and music activity.  Tour the facility and answer any questions you might have about our school, the Montessori philosophy of education, or anything else you’d like to know!

At Maria Montessori International Academy, we prepare your child for life!  Click the drop-down boxes to learn more on how we educate for the whole child:

I have the ability to make change!

Graciousness. Gratitude. Grit. Globalism.  These are the four pillars of a Montessori education.  Montessori students are often exceptionally compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to the natural world and the human condition. They make a difference to change the world around them by showing tolerance and kindness.

I am a confident reader!  I am not afraid of math!

On an academic level, our AMS & AMI Certified Montessori teachers will provide students with skills that allow them to become independently functioning adults and lifelong learners. As students master one level of academic skills, they are able to go further and apply themselves to increasingly challenging materials across various academic disciplines. They learn to integrate new concepts, analyze data, and think critically.

I have regards for my teachers!

Montessori students normally follow internalized ground rules – whether or not people in authority are watching.

I am an innovator!

Montessori students are typically confident about their own knowledge and skill. However, they do respect the creative process of others and are willing to exchange ideas, information, talents, and credit with their peers.

I make good decisions!

Montessori children tend to be self-directed, composed, and independent.

I have an ‘I can do this’ attitude!

Children who attend Montessori schools tend to become confident and competent. As adults, they normally become quite successful. At the same time, they tend to retain the ability to learn from their mistakes and remain reflective and open-minded.

I am committed to give my best without rewards!

Children who are educated in Montessori schools tend to develop an innate desire to engage in an activity for enjoyment and satisfaction.

For more on how Maria Montessori educates for the whole child, please click here to learn about the various class levels including Infants, Toddlers, 3 to 5 Year Olds, Kindergarten, and Elementary.

WHAT ARE PARENTS SAYING about Maria Montessori International Academy?

I am so incredibly impressed by this school. My daughter is 2 years old and she has flourished here. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and work with her one on one. There are tons of amazing activities like puppet shows, arts and crafts, and music as well as a traditional Montessori education. I just enrolled my other daughter at this school as well after such a positive experience. —The Kemp Family

We love Maria Montessori! Our son has been in the Infant Room with Miss Heidi since he was 3 months old. He has learned and grown so much and gained so many cognitive, social, motor, and gross skills while being in this room. He adores his teachers and the other babies in the room with him. He has learned how to interact appropriately with other children in a positive and cooperative way. Best decision we have made in our child’s early education journey!  — The Laughlin Family

My daughter has been a student at Maria Montessori International Academy for 2 1/2 years, and is now in kindergarten. The staff is warm, kind, and adheres to the principles of a Montessori education. Children are encouraged to learn and yet seek out experiences they need! — Anna Dusick, MD

Our free Mommy & Me Playgroups will introduce you and your child to the Montessori difference in education!

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