Indianapolis Summer Camps: Nurturing Minds with STEM

Montessori summer camps have always focused on educating the whole child. When STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) summer programs were first introduced, Montessori summer programs, were already schooling children through lessons connecting multiple subjects while encouraging collaboration as well as problem solving. Now that society’s focus has recognized the value of including art in youth education, STEAM summer camps have emerged.

Like the STEM education movement STEM summer camps, advocated learning through programs that crossed multiple subjects. Through this process, students become more adept in collaboration, problem-solving, questioning, and critical thinking. But what about art, design, and the more “creative” subjects? Enter STEAM.

STEM summer camps have progressed in time to STEAM summer camps.
Over time, STEM summer programs have morphed into STEAM summer camps.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) is an educational method that cultivates innovation and creativity in children by adding art to the mix. STEM summer camps are taken to a whole new level at Maria Montessori International Academy. Our STEM summer camps have evolved this year to feature weekly curriculum that develop new skills through targeted, multi-sensory activities including art.

MMIA’s 2018 STEAM summer camps nurture interest in a variety of subjects which follows our mission of encouraging students to become lifelong learners. This year don’t settle for the traditional Indianapolis summer camps. Read on to find out why the combination of STEAM and Montessori experiential learning make our STEAM summer programs educational, and best of all FUN!

STEAM Summer Camps vs. STEM Summer Camps

STEAM Summer Campers or Future Engineers at Montessori Summer Camps?
Montessori summer camps focus on STEAM curriculum.

True to the Montessori method, Montessori summer camps have always provided programs which allowed the children to have a complete hands-on experience. Additionally, they provide an atmosphere where children can explore at their own pace. The individuality afforded each child in each lesson enhances the likelihood of retention and provokes further curiosity. Montessori lessons also consistently develop multiple aspects of learning simultaneously.

STEM originally focused on science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. Emphasis focused on relating these topics more to the outside world, and less on individual subject lessons.  STEAM takes an exploratory approach, like Montessori, to educate while cultivating innovation and ingenuity. Now, art is also included, encouraging the cultivation of out-of-the-box, multi-disciplinary mindsets. Science and the arts are historically linked, and both strive to explore the connection between truth and beauty; lessons we love imparting to our students.

The methods of STEAM education mirror the Montessori Method and our school philosophy , so it’s only natural that our STEAM summer camps here in Indianapolis would incorporate the best of both worlds. Specially designed curriculum inspire growth in each discipline. STEAM is fully incorporated into our Montessori summer camps with hands-on experiences which heighten creativity and critical thinking.

The Importance of STEAM or STEM Summer Camps

Integrating STEAM into our classrooms and summer camps will not only shape our children but also their futures. Here are a few important statistics that highlight the importance of STEAM.

  • There are over 13 million unemployed Americans, yet the manufacturing sector has over 600,000 unfilled positions.
  • STEM-related positions pay more than non-STEM positions.
  • A graduate with a STEM bachelor’s degree has a 65% higher chance of finding a job than a graduate with a non-STEM bachelor’s, and a 47% higher chance than a graduate with a non-STEM doctoral degree.
  • Research shows that adding art to the curriculum enhances children’s math, reading, verbal, and cognitive thinking skills.

Attendance in STEAM related summer camps identify and develop each child individually in their area of preference. Discovery and immersion in these subjects, along with firsthand experiences, motivates children to continue pursuit of knowledge in these topics long after camp has ended. STEM summer programs can lead children toward future careers in these areas.

About Our STEM Summer Programs

While traditional summer programs focus on care and entertainment, we focus on creating a foundation for your child’s entire education through what they perceive as “play”. We believe that it is never too early to develop intelligence.

With the help of the Montessori method, we find the connection between movement and the mind: a connection which is commonly observed during playtime. Children at play interact with the world as scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians. They are hungry for information. While we strive to teach them everything they want to know, we encourage them to ask more questions and keep looking for answers.

STEM summer camps provide children opportunity to develop creatively
STEM summer camps provide children opportunity to develop creatively.

How do we use these natural tendencies to instill a love of learning in our students? We start by exploring universally interesting topics. Then we consider the world from a child’s perspective and create hands-on programs like these:

  • The Science of Shadow Puppets
  • Super Lego Robotics Tech Camp
  • Early Literacy Writing Workshop
  • Tie Dye Week
  • Spanish Immersion Week

For further information on these exciting Indianapolis summer camps, take a look at our summer schedule. Each week emphasizes a different discipline and offers fun as well as education. Every week will provide a whole new experience, so take advantage of multiple sessions to encourage well-rounded learning.

Explore STEAM With Maria Montessori International Academy

Though the STEAM curriculum varies, its emphasis on exploration and experimentation is always present. We love this concept and make it part of every lesson we teach. While traditional camps focus on basic child care, our educators use proven methods to stimulate students’ minds.

Daily adventures and exciting lessons set Maria Montessori International Academy apart. Simply put, educational summer camps have never been this fun!

Ready to learn more? Please contact us! We’d love to tell you about our upcoming sessions and answer your questions. Space is limited, so reserve your spot before enrollment ends!