Indianapolis Summer Camps for Infants & Toddlers

June 4 – August 10, 2018   •   Ages 6 months – 3 years   •  Limited Space – Inquire Today!


STEAM Summer Camps for infants and toddlers encourage imagination, exploration, innovation, and lifelong learning!

We are excited to share the schedule for our 2018 Summer Camps for infants and toddlers in Indianapolis. These unique summer camps for infants and toddlers are sure to be different than any other experience your little one might have this summer. Here are just a few of the benefits of summer camps!

Our Summer Camp tuition is the same cost as our school year tuition. This means that parents do not have to pay a “premium” (as is often the case with other Montessori camps) for a STEM summer program!

Our Summer Camps include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) experiences. This means every week incorporates technology, sports, music, art, cooking, science, math, literacy, or theater. Summer programs for toddlers are designed to help the youngest of campers discover and explore their talents, interests, and values.

Our Indianapolis Summer Camps always feature interdisciplinary and multi-sensory activities. We fuse two or more skills into unique explorations. Incorporating live music with yoga or theater with art into the same camp experience are just two examples found in our summer programs for toddlers and infants.

Our infant and toddler day camps are conducted by local community professionals and leaders with years of experience … These are not your typical college student camp counselors! Here’s just a few of the talented people who help make our STEAM Summer Camps a success:

  • Jeff Jones, former Indiana Pacer and owner of Shoot 360.
  • Carol Tharp Perrin, Spanish Professional Yogi, owner and instructor of The Art of Yoga Studio.
  • Robin Lee Holm and David Wright, two puppet artists based in Martinsville, Indiana who have practiced puppetry for 35 years.
  • Vivian Cain, Mechanical Engineer and STEAM Montessori Certified Directress with 20 years of experience.

Each Friday, parents are invited to participate in summer camp activities with their child(ren). This is a great opportunity to spend time with your child enjoying fun, rewarding activities that you don’t have to research and plan!

Summer Camp in IndianapolisAbout Shoot360 in Indianapolis.

Our weekly camps are taught by professionals like Fred Jones – a former team member of the Indiana Pacers!


My daughter has been a student at Maria Montessori International Academy for 2 1/2 years, and is now in kindergarten. The staff is warm, kind, and adheres to the principles of a Montessori education. Children are encouraged to learn and yet seek out experiences they need! – Anna Dusick, MD

Our daughter was 13 1/2 months when she first began at Maria Montessori International Academy. She was just getting started walking and beginning to talk. Now, a year and a half later, she has truly become her own independent person. We are seeing the qualities of a natural-born leader! -The Bour Family

We think Maria Montessori International Academy is the most parent-friendly school in Indianapolis! They make it possible for working families like ours to provide our kids with an outstanding way of learning. – The Moore Family

Our child enrolled at age 2 1/2 years. Throughout the past three years, we have watched our child develop in ways we could have never expected. We attribute her success to the calm environment, individual learning pace of each child, and low student/teacher ratio! – The Purnsley Family


Our summer programs for toddlers and infants feature all the components of an in-school Montessori education that many parents have come to highly value! This means that your child will experience activities which:

I am committed to give my best without rewards!

Children who are educated in Montessori schools tend to develop an innate desire to engage in an activity for enjoyment and satisfaction. Summer camps for infants and toddlers are a great way to introduce your child to Montessori principles.

I am a confident reader!

On an academic level, Montessori provides students with skills that allow them to become independently functioning adults and lifelong learners. As students master one level of academic skills, they are able to go further and apply themselves to increasingly challenging materials across various academic disciplines. They learn to integrate new concepts, analyze data, and think critically.

I have regards for my teachers!

Montessori students normally follow internalized ground rules – whether or not people in authority are watching. Summer camps for infants and toddlers provide children new to Montessori an opportunity to observe and follow the behavior of those who already exemplify this concept.

I am an innovator!

Montessori toddlers are typically confident about their own knowledge and skill. However, they do respect the creative process of others and are willing to exchange ideas, information, talents, and credit with their peers. STEAM summer camps are an ideal setting for a collaboration between children.

I make good decisions!

Montessori children tend to be self-directed, composed, and independent. For many infants and toddlers in summer camps, this may be one of their first experiences of an extended time away from their care givers. Our one-of-a-kind summer day camps are an opportunity for children to practice self-regulation.

I have an ‘I can do this’ attitude!

Children who attend Montessori schools tend to become confident and competent. As adults, they normally become quite successful. At the same time, they tend to retain the ability to learn from their mistakes and remain reflective and open-minded. STEM summer programs are just the beginning of the process of turning “mistakes” into something positive.

I have the ability to make change!

Montessori students are often exceptionally compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to the natural world and the human condition. They make a difference to change the world around them by showing tolerance and kindness.

It's never too late to start camp! MMIA has adapted their elementary STEM camps to provide Indianapolis with summer camps for infants and toddlers.

Our Montessori Summer Camps introduce your child to growth-enhancing experiences!



June 4-8

 Our Gardening Adventure

Gardening Adventure Campers learn how to care for plants, make garden beds, and build a greenhouse among other fun projects. Children learn through hands on exploration, as tree and plant identification techniques are incorporated into fun and creative craft projects. Master Gardeners join us throughout the summer to train campers on the skills needed to become confident Horticulturalists!

June 11-15

The Science of Shadow Puppets

Curtain up, cue the lights! A puppet show is in your sights!  Puppetry is an art form which combines performance and puppet making. While using puppets created by students and performing shadow plays, students will learn, first-hand, what differentiates opaque, translucent, and transparent materials.  In addition, Shadow Puppets will be explored with Ipads for digital storytelling!

June 18-22

Super Lego Robotics Tech Camp

This week will challenge your child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through creative play. With every trip to STEAM Park, children grow their understanding of gears, motion, measurement, and solving problems together in a fun and engaging way.

June 25-29

preschool children learning yoga

Yoga, Art, Storytelling, and Live Music

MMIA brings yoga comes to life with creative body poses relating to nature and animals accented by live music. Students will form whole-body movements based on characters of a story and explore art expression with live musical instruments to go with their movements. This is an ideal introduction to yoga and other forms of mind/body practices – all of which lead to improved social and emotional growth!

July 9-13

The Little Ballers Club

This is a one of kind experience for age 2 to 6 years old to come play games, exercise, and have fun with kids their own age! These little ballers will work on developing high motor skills through interactive basketball games with Shoot 360 technology! This program and facility is owned and ran by the former Indiana Pacer, Fred Jones:  Click here to learn more about Shoot360 in Indianapolis.

July 16-20

Free Preschool Trial at Montessori Preschool Offers Parents With Best Childcare Option.

Early Literacy Writing Workshop

Every Writer’s Workshop involves a mini lesson with great picture books, writing time, and reflection. The goal is to show the student how to write. The teacher draws his or her own picture each time, modeling with a think-aloud everything. Students begin to think…What she is thinking about and considering while writing. Where was I? What was I doing? Who was with me? What was the weather like? etc.

July 23-27

Mosaic Creative Exploration

Children explore the art of mosaic from around the world in this five day camp. Create your own stepping stone, picture frame, or garden sculpture using pieces of tiles and mirrors. We will look at mosaic art and architecture from around the world including Gaudi’s fanciful, Huntertwasser’s eccentric creations, and the intricate mosaic work in architecture of the Middle East and North Africa.

July 30-August 3

Tie Dye Week

Feelin’ groovy? Time to let your creativity flow as we experiment with different ways of tying to make interesting patterns on t-shirts, socks, shorts, and pillow cases.  Campers will be provided instructions on the tie dye process and as well as materials such as rubber bands, rocks, marbles, spray bottles, squirt bottles, gloves, and dye to bring home groovy designs!

August 6-10

Spanish Immersion Week

This is a full week Spanish immersion with two native speakers to explore Spanish language and Latin American traditional songs, cooking, games,  dance, arts and music. Students are given an opportunity to study, learn, and play in Spanish – all at the same time. By the end of this week, your student will demonstrate increased confidence and motivation to express themselves in a new tongue!


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