Preschools in Zionsville with available openings are tough to unearth after the start of a school year . Unfortunately, life’s circumstances and your child care needs may not always line up with the start of a new school year. Finding the right environment for your little one is challenging enough. Desiring quality early childhood education and child care that is also affordable may seem an impossible wish list. However, it no longer has to be. Let me introduce you to our early education Montessori school – Maria Montessori International Academy.

Preschools in Zionsville Enrolling Now

Our flexible enrollment program allows families to design a schedule unique to their needs and begin classes any time of year. Right now we have open enrollment for children ages 3 months to five years of age. MMIA has locations conveniently located to I465 in Zionsville. We provide convenience for parents with easy accessibility and peace of mind that their child’s emotional, social, and physical needs are cared for.

To find out if our school is a good fit for your family, contact us online here, or call us at 317-291-5555. Or sign up for a free trial right away!

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Understanding Montessori Preschools in Zionsville

While some parents were once Montessori students themselves, others may be unfamiliar with the Montessori Method of education.  We encourage you to explore our preschools in Zionsville for a first hand experience. The following will also help you understand the principals behind the method. Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian educator. She developed a child-focused approach allowing each child to naturally progress based on scientific observation of children from all age groups. In many parts of the world, Montessori education has been practiced for over 100 years. As a result, traditional educational environments even incorporate aspects of the Montessori way of teaching because it has proven success.

Younger children observe and learn from the older children in a mixed-age classroom environment. The older children practice leadership skills while guiding the younger ones. The design of the classroom allows children to move about freely. Age appropriate materials and work are available and accessible at the children’s level. Direct, seated whole-class instruction is minimal and limited to a morning circle time. Instead, hands-on experiences encourage creativity and stimulate the natural learning progression. Montessori education fosters self-paced learning and build on a child’s natural preferences. The results are increased independence, confidence, and curiosity. We certainly find this in the Montessori students at our preschools in Zionsville.

Visiting our Zionsville Preschool

Traditional preschools in Zionsville may welcome you with typical new prospect information. However, you’ll find a tour of our Zionsville preschool much different. It will begin with our staff taking you directly into the classroom for a unique firsthand experience. This perspective enables parents to visualize a child learning among their peers and how they interact with the classroom setup.

During the tour . . . 

Notice how everything, including furniture, is child sized. Providing children easier access to learning materials encourages independence. They build confidence as they discover that they can manipulate their environment. Observations of the surroundings reveal neutral walls, organization, and a clutter-free environment.  This contributes to a more peaceful and calm setting in which children thrive. Frequently, natural materials are introduced and used throughout the learning process. This too encourages children to become more interactive with their daily environment. Observe while the teachers interact( almost magically) with different children simultaneously while gently guiding and encouraging them all individually.

Pay attention and see how even the youngest of children engage. Now, notice your child. How do they respond? Do they immediately interact with other children or prefer first to observe all that is happening around them? How does your child react to the other children?  Do they initiate or respond when another child engages them? Are they drawn to a particular work on a shelf? Will they just go for it or wait to be prompted? Perhaps, they show curiosity while remaining cautious. Regardless, our MMIA preschool teachers will take the time to understand and work within your child’s personality so optimal learning will occur while still having fun.

After the tour . . .

Now think back. How does your child respond in our classroom compared to other preschools in Zionsville? Because we understand that tours only provide a limited screenshot, MMIA offers a free trial to prospective new families. This gives you and your little one an opportunity for more exploration and the ability to make an informed decision about their future school.

What You Can Expect During Your Zionsville Preschool Trial

Many different feelings may take over as their first day at our Zionsville Maria Montessori International Academy approaches. Your child may be full of excitement, anxiety and anticipation. There are several ways that you can help prepare your child.  Allow your child to feel excited . Encourage this by having them choose their first day outfit; help them pack their favorite foods for lunch. Remind them about their previous visit and what they can expect from their day. Other ways to make your child’s day successful include: ensuring that your child has a lunchbox; provide indoor slippers, a change of clothing, and crib size sheet (in the event that your child naps); and bring their lovey. It can even be helpful in the transition at drop-off. Get your child excited about having their own special cubby to store all of their special belongings.

When you arrive . . .

First, your child will be met with a warm welcoming smile and a heart felt greeting. This lets them know that he/she is wanted. Next, a teacher will show your little one where their cubby is, where to put their outdoor shoes, lunch boxes, and find the restrooms. During this time, their lead Montessori teacher will speak with you and address any questions or concerns you may have. It is important for your child not to feel your angst. Therefore, we find that it is often best for parents to say goodbye quickly and then leave confidently. Your actions show your child that you are confident in leaving them to enjoy their first day at school. At the end of the day, parents have an opportunity to connect with the teachers to discuss their child’s day.

Leaving Your Child . . .

The Montessori teacher makes it a point to connect with your child even if it means being attached to the teacher. Sometimes children may cry. In this event, the Montessori guide will soothe your child by engaging them in different areas of interests around the classroom. Perhaps they may even invite them to enjoy the playground outside. Combined with fresh air and new friends, outdoor playtime releases  natural endorphins and provides a sense of happiness.

The older and mature Montessori students will follow the teachers lead. They will shower your child with affection, kindness, and friendship to welcome them to their new class. Soon, your student will have made definitive connections with new friends. Before you know it, your child will be blossoming in the classroom and at home!

Parents are welcome to use our observation rooms to view their child within their new classrooms as the child settles in.

What Your Child Gains from Our Preschools in Zionsville Vs. Traditional Childcare

Any of the preschools in Zionsville can provide a caretaker for your child while you are away.  They will likely provide child sized furniture, wood toys, and even a block of free time for the kids to independently play. However, more than this is required to successfully foster a child’s natural love for learning and of self. Most importantly, you should ask yourself: “does this caretaker have the passion, personality, support, and experience (backed by education and training) needed to help shape your child’s learning footprint?”

About Our Teachers

At Maria Montessori International Academy, all our lead teachers have dual degrees along with specialized Montessori training, equivalent to that of a Master’s Degree. MMIA places an emphasis on continued training and education each year to further cultivate teaching skills. Of course, many of our teachers have their own children and understand personally the needs of a child who is away from their parents.

Here, children build a strong, solid foundation for their education and social development. Leadership skills along with compassion and empathy for others develop. Their self-confidence grows as well as their independence. They gain knowledge through self-guided exploration and learn practical life skills through activities they see as play. They gain exposure to music, other cultures, and become immersed in multi-languages.  MMIA is not just another preschool in Indianapolis; this carefully developed learning atmosphere provides the satisfaction of knowing that your child is receiving so much more than just their basic needs. Book a tour now to come see for yourself!

Join our Zionsville Maria Montessori International Academy Community

So whether you’re new to Zionsville, rejoining the working world, or simply wanting more from your current childcare, we can meet the needs of families looking for affordable preschools in Indiana with quality childcare immediately. Due to a recent expansion, we currently have openings available. Come join Maria Montessori International Academy and become part of our unique community.

Many of our graduates now have siblings attending our program. Many of our students are referrals from past families. Overall, parent feedback tells us that we are successfully preparing children for the next step in their learning journey. Graduates frequently come back for visits with their past teachers to share current successes. We hope your child will join those ranks. If you still have questions or need more information, book a tour today. We feel certain that being in the classroom will provide you with the answers that will help you make an informed decision. Contact us online or give us a call at 317-291-5555!

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