Best Preschool in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Zionsville enrolling now.

Life happens. And for one reason or another, you now find yourself needing childcare near you. Unfortunately, finding space in an affordable preschool after the start of the school year is not always easy. Fortunately for you, right now we have guaranteed placements for children from ages 3 months to five years of age. Let me introduce you to our early education Montessori school – Maria Montessori International Academy. MMIA has locations convenient to Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Carmel, Indiana. So no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.

Montessori Method

For those who are less familiar with the Montessori Method of education, here are some things you will want to know. Montessori education has been practiced for over 100 years in many parts of the world. Because of its proven success and growing popularity, traditional educational environments are incorporating aspects of the Montessori way of teaching. Based on scientific observation of children from birth on up, Dr. Maria Montessori developed a child-focused approach which allows each child to progress at their own natural pace.

Classrooms often include a mix of age range. This allows younger children to observe and learn from the older children. The older children benefit by learning leadership skills while guiding those younger. Classroom environments allow children to move about freely. They provide materials and work based on age appropriate interests, in a hands-on experience as opposed to direct instruction for the entire class. Montessori education, including Montessori preschool, is designed to foster self-paced learning and to build on a child’s natural preferences. This in turn increases independence and curiosity.

What You’ll Find When You Visit Our Preschool

When you tour our Indianapolis and Zionsville/Carmel preschools, our staff will take you and your child into the classroom for a firsthand experience. This allows you as a parent to observe the set-up of the classroom and to visualize your child learning. You’ll observe that everything including furniture is child sized. This allows the children to have easier access to learning and builds confidence as they discover that they can manipulate their environment. Neutral walls, lack of clutter, and organization all contribute to the peaceful and calm setting which encourages children to thrive. Natural materials are often introduced and used in the learning process. Watch as the teachers almost magically interact with multiple children gently guiding and encouraging them individually.

Notice how even the youngest of children engage. Now, notice your child. Are they immediately interacting with other children or do they prefer first to observe all that is happening around them? Do they take an interest in a particular work on a shelf and go for it? Perhaps they show curiosity but remain cautious. MMIA teachers will take the time to understand and work within your child’s personality so that optimal learning can occur while still having fun.

What Your Children Will Gain with a Montessori Early Childhood Education Vs. Daycare

Any Indianapolis or Zionsville daycare can provide you with a caretaker for your child during the day. It may have child sized furniture, wood toys, and even a block of free time for the kids to choose their own play. Be aware that much more is required to successfully foster a child’s natural love for learning. Most importantly, ask “do the teachers have the passion, personality, support, and experience (backed by education and training) needed to help shape your child’s learning footprint?”. At Maria Montessori International Academy, all our teachers have dual degrees along with specialized Montessori training, equivalent to that of a Master’s Degree.

Here, children build a strong and solid educational foundation. They are exposed to music, other cultures, and become immersed in multi-languages. Your child will gain knowledge through self-guided exploration. They learn practical life skills through activities they see as play. Their self-confidence grows as well as their independence. Children develop leadership skills along with compassion and empathy for others. MMIA is not just another daycare in Indiana; it is a carefully developed learning atmosphere that allows you the comfort of knowing that your child is receiving so much more than just their basic needs. Book a tour now and come see for yourself!

Join MMIA and Join Our Community

So whether you’re new to the area, just starting a new job, or simply wanting more from your childcare, the fact remains that you need an affordable preschool or quality childcare now. And we currently have spaces available. Come join Maria Montessori International Academy and become part of our community. Many of our graduates now have siblings attending our program. Parent feedback tells us that we are successfully preparing children for the next step in their learning journey. Graduates frequently come back for visits with their past teachers to share current successes. We hope your child will join those ranks. Still have questions or need more information, book a tour today. We feel certain that being in the classroom will provide you with answers. Who knows? You may find yourself signing your little one up for a free trial right away.